Your Life Is 
In Danger

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These are things that may be about to happen or going on right now that you should be aware of.  Further research is advised:

In the last few years that I have been learning about these things, I have seen time after time, though the underground news articles say or imply what they are talking about will occur in a very short time (days or months), years later they have not taken place, however things do seem to be heating up. The mystery is not so much if they will occur, but when.

I believe a much more reliable way to tell when these things will happen is in watching how America treats Israel.  Before scoffing at what I just said, consider this powerful statement:
Almost all major natural (and many financial) disasters to hit America since Israel became a nation in 1948 can be directly linked within days (and in most cases on the same day) of America doing something to further its agenda of forcing Israel to divide its covenant land for “peace”. 

I don't expect you to believe it without proof.  Click HERE for proof, to find out how every life in America is in danger because of it, and how to tell when these things will happen, far more accurately than the headlines below.


You Need To Know About Jade Helm 15


This may happen very soon:
Or it may be only damaging to the U.S. economy rather than the catalyst that leads to complete economic collapse:

Most people are unaware Yellowstone National Park not only sits on a volcano, but such a large one, it is officially categorized as a "super volcano" which if an eruption occurs would take out almost half of the United States. It is currently showing signs of awakening.

f you believe in the Bible Code, the eruption of Yellowstone appears to be well represented in the Bible. Click HERE for a short video.  It even gives dates!


Secret Globalist Treaty Threatens Internet Freedom

Yellowstone eruption: Report claims that US has contingency deal with Brazil, Australia to move millions of Americans:


Thought Fukushima was over?  It has barely just begun. Click HERE .
Current  Danger:

"With the removal of Fukushima #4 fuel rods now in progress, the unit #4 fuel pool can turn into a nuclear reaction as they pull the rods up... leading to possibility of having to evacuate the west coast of the United States." Click HERE .

U.S. Army General: The whole northern hemisphere Is At Risk of Becoming Largely Uninhabitable. 

"This is, without a doubt, the most immediate threat faced by the world"  Click HERE.

Tens of millions, even billions of people could perish from the Fukushima nuclear power plant struck by the tsunami that resulted after the 9.1 earthquake in Japan.  

Just because the mainstream news is not reporting on it, doesn't mean it's not a threat to your life.

What the news media isn't telling you, is that it's far from over and the danger is much more serious than you might think. 

Click HERE .

In the meantime... Radioactive particles are currently riding the jet stream straight to America. click HERE .

Click HERE to monitor current radiation levels in the U.S.  Click HERE for good information about Radioactive Fallout in general.

The secondary danger is the long term effects (causing people to develop cancer in the coming years).

The secondary danger is the long term effects (causing people to develop cancer in the coming years).

EBOLA - It may not over. 

They tried to mix Swine Flu (very contagious, not very deadly) with Bird Flu (very deadly, not very contagious), but when the ferrets died, they got caught. No one went to jail of course. They keep trying to come up with a contagion that will do the trick...

If you do a little research, you will discover all these virus that pop up are engineered weaponized viruses. They want to come up with something that will actually kill enough people, or just enough for an excuse to make more vaccines that are a racket (follow the money) mandatory for all. If you don't believe YHWH (God) is watching out for us, who do you think is?

W.H.O. contradicts CDC, admits Ebola can spread via coughing, sneezing and by touching contaminated surfaces
Updated: Ebola Outbreak Planned Years Ago! What Do You Think The Millions Of “Coffin Liners” Are For?
“An award-winning Texas scientist was given a standing ovation after he advocated the extermination of 90 per cent of the Earth’s population by an airborne Ebola virus.”
Liberia’s Largest Newspaper Accuses USA of Manufacturing Ebola Virus.  Why?  For good reason:
For more about what is going on with the open border of the U.S. and how it looks like it is being used to bring Ebola along with many other diseases into the U.S. click HERE . 
For more on Ebola that you probably won't see in mainstream news, click HERE .