Your Life Is 
In Danger

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How is your life in danger?   First let me say this:

There is nothing for sale on this website.  There are no fancy visuals or eye-catching advertisements because I believe at this point, information is more important than entertainment.  If there is an advertisement at the top or bottom of the page, it is something I have no control of and do not benefit from (except for allowing me to bring you all the information at no cost to you).  The domain address is  The backup address is: . You may want to save it as a favorite because there is a lot of information here.

This site is divided into two very different parts.  The second part is the most important, but you will need to read the first part to understand why and the urgency therein. Time is of the essence.


Please let it be known I am not trying to cause any unnecessary fear or anxiety by giving you this information. The purpose of this website is to inform.  Most people don't know what is really happening in America and around the world.  I’m trying to inform you to what is going on and I have some insight most other websites don't have. As always I recommend  you to do your own research to verify the information.  It could save your life. 

I will include many articles and videos to give you opportunity to check out these things for yourself.  There are so many articles and videos, I don't have time to check them all on a regular basis so some may no longer be available.  This could be for various reasons including outdated information or they are things the powers that be don't want you to know about.  In these cases when I can, I will include the link with "Article Removed" or "Video Removed".  The reason this could be beneficial to you is that many of the links contain the title of the subject within them. 

On this site you will learn about who the powers that be actually are.  You may be surprised, but it is better to be informed than in the dark about these things because not knowing, can be dangerous.  You may want to share this information with everyone you love and care about.  It might be the only way they find out for themselves.

If you get your news from  mainstream media (television, newspapers etc.), you need to know they will not tell you what is really going on.  Why?

Some of the people that are putting your life in danger own most of the mainstream media.   Here is an example of how they twist truth to further their agenda.  In this case it is to push the idea of military aggression against Syria to the American people. 

Most people don't know virtually every major news organization is censored by government officials

Mainstream media is also manipulated by U.S. Intelligence .  Click HERE for more information on the bias, censored, corrupt mainstream media.

If you are still in the "matrix" (watching a lot of TV, sports, believing in the democrat vs. republican paradigm (lie), thinking the economy is going to turn around, the government has your best interest in mind, etc., let me offer you a chance learn the truth and see what is really going on, because whether or not you know about it, it's still going on and your life is in danger because of it. 

Don't believe it?  Watch this short video which will help you begin the process of waking up, because your life could depend on it.
Still don't believe it?  Maybe you'll believe longtime famous CBS news anchor Dan Rather on George W. Bush when he said: ‘We reported a true story—that’s why I’m no longer with CBS News’.  Click HERE .
You will have to use alternate news media sites such as:  which will tell you what is really going on with our government and governments all over the world.   Infowars* is very good about requiring documentation and proof before presenting news to you and they will also tell you about what is happening with the economy and the police state (not unlike Nazi Germany) that is gradually being put into place against the American people in preparation for riots and rebellion when the economy collapses (which is months, not years away) while we are asleep (not paying attention to what is going on around us).  That is why they have purchased billions of rounds of ammunition.  More than enough to kill every man, woman and child in America.  It starts with watching you.

*Please note:  Some believe the reason Infowars gets such accurate news is because they are a plant and get their news directly from the source (the CIA) as the owner of the website (Alex Jones) is believed to be or has been connected to that government agency (click HERE). Though providing accurate news and exposing government/global elite agendas, the ultimate purpose and hidden agenda of itself may not only be to prepare people for the next American Revolution (coming soon) but also to incite people to participate in a violent way, regardless of what they state.  That is not the purpose of this website.  As mentioned previously, the purpose of this website is to inform.  To expose corruption and lies (regardless of who they are from) as well as reveal truth.

The website at (updated every other day or so) is good for news concerning earth changes, military movements, volcanoes erupting, threats from disease and other things going on around the world as well as in space.
I would recommend at least one more alternate news website such as
Another website I visit daily is .  I hesitate to give this website because it is a tabloid-like website that includes strange and spiritual content like aliens and ghosts along with things the government is doing.  It also includes very helpful articles on health and ways to improve it as well as helping with fighting disease. 

Though I have to take much of what is on the site with a grain of salt, I keep coming back to it because it never fails that I find good information that I don't get on my other sites, like introducing me to
which is a watchdog website for things like informing you to which farms/companies claim to have organic product but are actually not following organic growing standards as well as companies posing as producing healthy products but are opposed to GMO labeling because their "natural" products contain GMOs.

One of the best sources of information on what is really going on in the world is a You Tube channel called StormCloudsGathering. Here is the link: . If you watch all their videos you will have a good understanding of what is really going on in the world, the real reason our government is doing what they are doing and how.

The information on this website will be hard to believe for some, so I have included much documentation and proof wherever possible.  I even include words and quotes, from those who are putting your life in danger.  
Be careful how you choose your news sources. As long as you are not relying on mainstream sources you are at least on the right track but even so, those who are putting your life in danger don't want you to know what is really going on and so there is much misinformation and disinformation on the internet by people paid to put it there and mentally sick people that do it just for kicks.  For my daily news, the websites mentioned above are among those I trust the most. I believe it is important to use multiple sources.
There are so many major things happening getting ready to happen right now in the world, that are putting your life in danger, it is hard to believe. I can tell you all about them, why the dangers exist, for most of them, who is responsible, and even who or what is behind them.  As mentioned earlier, because of misinformation and disinformation it is difficult to know what is really going on.  While mainstream news will only report what they want you to know, alternative media will tend to sensationalize or hype stories (often to sell products, etc). That is why I feel it is important to watch multiple sources of alternative news and not get caught up in hype. I have been watching and researching this stuff for years, and I know how it goes.
You will find most alternative sources will have many stories that say or suggest “it has begun” (“it” being World War III, martial law, round-ups for F.E.M.A. camps, civil war in America, the economy crashing, Yellowstone Super Volcano erupting, Fukishima poisoning the Pacific Ocean, huge solar flares or an EMP taking out the electric grid, etc.), when in actuality most of these things are not about to happen any day (though they are not years away either). For example, I can tell you when some of these things are going to happen and I can even give a date for one of them; the economy crashing. I believe it will happen on or near September 13th 2015. How can I possibly say that? How can I know?

Even if you normally rely on alternative news sources, no matter where you are in your knowledge of what is going on, I believe I have information you have not yet had access to.  I will tell you about a source with unique accuracy that can be trusted.   

Before I tell you, I must prove to you my source is accurate.  That will take a little patience and willingness on your part, to read or watch videos.  Let me start with the event that was clearly pivotal in modern history; 911.  You probably already know from the mountain of evidence, the official government story is far from truth, but there is an aspect of 911 few people know about. When examined, the spiritual part of it is amazing and eye opening.  There is such a thing as coincidence, but there is a point where coincidence is no longer possible.  I will take you there.  Let’s start with reading this page or watching the video on it.  Be sure to read or watch it all because it gets more amazing as it goes.

Ok, if you took the time to read the page or watch the video, you see how maybe we are not so different from ancient Israel. Maybe when YHWH's people turn against Him there are consequences.  Maybe there is something to the similarities and coincidences.  Maybe you can see they are not coincidences after all, or maybe you are still not convinced.  What if I told you nearly every major disaster to occur in the U.S. was directly related to what we were doing against Israel or for their enemies?  What if I told you the disaster occurred within a week of something we did against Israel?  What about on the same day, or one year to the day?  Coincidences?  How many would you have to see? 3? 4?  How about over 50?  Click HERE .  You don’t need to read them all.  After a few, you should get the idea, but be sure to read the one about Katrina.
Now that you understand why the source is accurate and to be trusted, you know what to watch for.  If you are still not convinced, Click HERE to see why America is End of Days Egypt and Babylon as well as why the tetrad we are currently in (and it won’t happen again for over 100 years)  is a very big deal just as it has been throughout history with plenty of examples to show you coincidence is impossible.  This indicates something really,really big is going to happen before the end of October of 2015.
Now you are ready to know why I believe the economy will crash on or near September 13th 2015.  Keep what I have shown you in mind as you watch this.

Perhaps YHWH will pour out His grace once more and just warn us again. Maybe it won’t be the crash of the economy.  Perhaps it will be some sort of major loss in the stock market.  I don’t think so.  Been there done that. He has warned us a couple times already.  Get ready for some truly difficult times, and the beginning of all hell breaking loose.


To see on a day to day basis how what we are doing to Israel is affecting us, this blog is amazing and one I check daily:


So you still want to know how your life is in danger?  Click HERE.